10 Tips for the perfect start to the ski touring season

Winter is just around the corner and the ski touring season will start soon. But before you strap on your skis and head for the mountains, there are a few things to keep in mind. With these 10 tips you will be well prepared for your first ski tour of the season.

1. Check equipment: Check your ski touring equipment to make sure it is functional and complete. Pay special attention to the function of your avalanche beacons, shovel and probe.
2. Check your fitness: Especially at the beginning of the season, you should check your physical fitness and, if necessary, do a few more training laps.
3. Inform: Before you start a tour, find out about the current avalanche situation and the weather conditions on site.
4. Tour planning: Plan your tour in advance, choose a suitable route and calculate the corresponding walking times.
5. Be aware of dangers: always be aware of possible dangers and make a sensible decision in case of doubt.
6. Book accommodation: Especially in the high season you should book accommodation early to avoid nasty surprises.
7. Pack spare clothes: always pack spare clothes to be prepared in case of an accident or bad weather conditions.
8. Bring food and drink: Carry enough food and water to stay adequately hydrated during the tour.
9. Refresh technique: Take time to refresh your technique on remote slopes and get used to the conditions.
10. Ski touring together: It is not advisable to go on tours alone, especially at the beginning of the season. Find a group or join other ski tourers to minimize risk.

Tip 1: The perfect equipment

The right equipment is the be-all and end-all of every ski tour. An important factor is the choice of the right skis. It is important that the skis fit your weight and size. If the skis are too short or too long, it can cause difficulties in skiing. A good choice are all-round skis, which usually have a length that reaches approximately to the chin.

10 Tips for the perfect start to the ski touring season

In addition to the skis, the choice of binding is also important. It is important that the bindings are optimally adjusted to prevent the skis from sliding off. In addition, it is advisable to wear suitable ski clothing that protects you from the cold and the wet. Ski goggles and helmet are other recommended pieces of equipment.

  • Ski: appropriate for weight and size
  • Binding: optimally adjusted
  • Ski clothing: protects against cold and wetness
  • Ski goggles and helmet: further protection

This equipment is necessary to make your first day of skiing more successful and safe. However, if you don’t own the equipment, you can rent it from numerous stores or online. This way, nothing will stand in the way of a successful start to the ski season.

Tip 2: Choose the right route

One of the most important factors in planning your first ski tour of the season is the choice of route. You should choose the route carefully, based on your experience and fitness level. A route that is suitable for an experienced skier may be too challenging for a beginner and vice versa.

Another important consideration when choosing a route is the weather. You should only use designated slopes or take trails that are marked as safe on the map. If you plan to ski in undeveloped areas, make sure you have a map and compass and plan the route carefully.

When you do a ski tour with a group, it is also important to take into account the needs and abilities of all participants. You should make sure that everyone in the group is capable of doing the route and that everyone has the same knowledge and equipment.

Overall, route choice is critical when planning your first ski tour of the season. You should take time to research your options and plan carefully to ensure safety and fun on your tour.

Preparation is the key

Before embarking on your first ski tour of the season, make sure you are adequately prepared to avoid accidents and injuries. Plan your trip carefully in advance and be aware of local conditions and weather conditions. Make sure you have the right ski equipment and that it is well maintained.

It is also important that you improve your physical fitness to cope with the demands of the ski tour. Lay a good foundation by training regularly to improve your endurance and strength. Also, do not forget to pack your safety equipment, such as e.g. An avalanche shovel, avalanche transceiver and avalanche probe.

10 Tips for the perfect start to the ski touring season

Another important consideration is choosing the right guide. Make sure your guide is experienced and qualified to lead the tour safely and successfully. Also check if he has all the necessary licenses and insurances.

By preparing carefully and taking all the necessary steps to ensure your safety, you can have a successful and memorable ski tour.

Tip 4: The group

A ski tour can sometimes be dangerous, so it is always advisable to go in a group. This way you can help each other and react immediately in case of emergency. It’s important to agree on a common goal and pace before the tour and keep communicating during the tour to ensure everyone in the group can keep up.

It is also advisable not to let the group get too large to promote camaraderie and allow for quick action in case of an emergency. Ideally, members of the group already know each other and have experience ski touring together.

If you are going to ski alone, you should let someone know where you are going, when you will be back and leave a phone number so you can be reached in case of emergency.

  • A few tips for group spirit:
    1. Everyone looks out for each other.
    2. Everyone has common values and goals.
    3. Mutual support is a matter of course.
    4. Open communication is important.
    5. In conflict situations, look for a common solution.

Remember, when you ski tour in a group, you not only have more fun, but also a higher chance of a safe and fulfilling experience.

Tips for the first ski tour of the season

If you are touring for the first time this ski season, there are a few rules of conduct you should follow. Here are some tips to make your tour safe and smooth:

  • Don’t go alone: a ski tour is not an activity you should do alone. You should always go with at least one other person to get help in case of emergency.
  • Plan your route ahead of time: before you go on tour, do some research on the route and make sure you have the skills to complete the tour. You should also inform yourself about the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger.
  • Take the right equipment with you: Make sure you have the right equipment for a ski trip, including an avalanche beacon, shovel, probe and helmet. You should also have ski poles, ski boots and skis that are suitable for touring.
  • Respect the environment: when you go on tour, you should always be respectful of the environment. Take your trash with you, stay on marked trails, and avoid disturbing animals or plants.
  • Communicate with other skiers: when on tour, communicate with other skiers to make sure everyone is safe. If you recognize a danger, you should let others know about it.

By following these rules of conduct, you can be sure that your first ski tour of the season will be a success. Enjoy the scenery and have a great time in the mountains!

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