Career changer – take advantage of your opportunity to work in a diverse and rewarding field!

You are looking for an opportunity to make a change in your professional life? Or do you want to reorient yourself professionally? Then you are in the right place! Because a job as a school support worker offers you a wide range of opportunities and experiences.

As a school companion, you will actively support children and adolescents with special needs in their everyday school life. In doing so, you will accompany the pupils in class and during all breaks. Your duties will include assisting in the implementation of the curriculum as well as promoting social skills and independence.

Career changer - take advantage of your opportunity to work in a diverse and rewarding field!

With a lateral entry into a job as a school support teacher, you have the chance of a varied, responsible and, above all, enriching job. Because you are actively committed to equal opportunities for children and young people and thus make an important contribution to the education and integration of disadvantaged students.

So don’t hesitate and take your chance to work as a school support teacher. Because in this work you not only experience a high level of professional appreciation and recognition, but also personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

For a lateral entry into school support services

School support is an important part of the inclusion of children with special needs in schools. School companions are employed to support these students during lessons and to help them cope with everyday school life. School support can be a diverse and rewarding job that offers a lot of sense of achievement, both personally and professionally.

School support staff are important in providing individualized support to students. The school guides help them to understand the subject matter and to get involved in the lessons. You accompany them in the school environment and support them in finding their way around and coping with everyday school life. You will teach social skills and promote the independence of the students.

A lateral entry into school support offers a new perspective on working life and an opportunity for personal and professional development. There are numerous training opportunities to prepare for the job. The prerequisites are a high degree of empathy, patience and sensitivity, as well as a willingness to cooperate with teachers and parents.

  • Lateral entry into school support
  • Individual support for students
  • Support in everyday school life
  • Strengthen social skills and independence
  • Further training opportunities and personal development

Career change as a school support teacher – take advantage of your opportunity for a varied and rewarding job!

You are interested in working as a school support teacher, but would like to know how you can best start your career? If so, you now have the opportunity for a diverse and enriching job that is not only challenging, but also very meaningful.

As a school companion, you will look after children, young people or adults with physical, mental or emotional disabilities, help them with their learning and be available as a contact person. By providing targeted support and individual assistance, you enable these people to participate in everyday school life in a self-determined and independent manner.

Lateral entry into school support is possible and is offered by many educational institutions. Pedagogical or socio-pedagogical training is not mandatory for this, but an advantage. However, it is important to have experience in dealing with people, empathy, communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

  • Talk to educational providers in your area
  • Ask for further training opportunities
  • Find out about the requirements
  • If you are interested, please apply for a vacant position as a school support teacher

Joining the school support team offers an opportunity for a responsible, varied and fulfilling job in the pedagogical field. You will support people with disabilities in their educational journey and help them reach their full potential. Take advantage of this opportunity and become a school support teacher!

Successful work as a school support teacher: requirements and qualities

Working as a school support teacher offers a varied and enriching activity with children and young people. But which skills and characteristics are particularly important?

Empathy: A school support teacher should be empathetic and understanding to help students with their problems and challenges.

Career changer - take advantage of your opportunity to work in a diverse and rewarding field!

Expertise: Depending on the individual support needs of the students, knowledge in educational psychology or special needs education can be beneficial.

Communication: Open and clear communication with students, teachers, and parents is an essential skill for a school support teacher.

Flexibility: The demands on a school support person can vary greatly. A school companion should therefore be ready to adapt to different situations and act individually.

Perseverance: Successful school support also requires a certain amount of frustration tolerance. Setbacks and difficulties are part of everyday work and require a high level of motivation and perseverance.

Reliability: a reliable and responsible approach to work is paramount in school support to ensure a good working relationship with all parties involved.

If you are willing to take on these challenges, you can do fulfilling and valuable work as a school support worker and take advantage of the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Advantages and benefits of working as a school aide

There are many reasons why working as a school support worker can be very rewarding and diverse. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Flexibility: as a school support worker, you often have flexible hours and can work part-time, which is very attractive to many people.
  • Relationship building: you will be able to build a relationship with a child and help them navigate and learn at school. This can be very fulfilling.
  • Variety: Every day is different and there is always a new challenge. As a school support teacher, you need to be creative and resourceful to meet the child’s needs.
  • Social responsibility: As a school companion, you contribute to ensuring that every child has a fair chance at education. You can make a difference in a child’s life and open up new opportunities for them.

In addition to the personal benefits, there are also practical advantages to being a school support teacher. Here are some of them:

  • Job security: the demand for school support staff is constantly growing as more and more children with special needs require support. This offers you long-term job security.
  • Relevant experience: as a school aide, you will gain valuable experience working with children and in the educational field, which can also be useful in a future career in the field.
  • Training and development: school support staff often have the opportunity to attend training sessions and improve their skills. This allows you to develop and be even more successful in your job.

In summary, working as a school support worker is an opportunity to begin a fulfilling and diverse career that offers many benefits, both personally and practically.

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