Welcome to ifb hamburg – universal support institute with broad acceptance

IFB Hamburg is an important funding institute in Germany with a broad acceptance in the business world. The institute offers a wide range of financing and consulting services for companies, self-employed and freelancers to strengthen their economic power.

Since its founding in 2005, IFB Hamburg has become an integral part of business development in Hamburg and has also made a name for itself beyond the city limits. The institute supports the economy in innovations, environmental protection and location development.

From tax consultant to specialist consultant – your career opportunities

If you are already working as a tax consultant, you certainly have a sound education and extensive knowledge of all aspects of tax law. But what comes after the tax consultant exam? How can you develop yourself further and what career opportunities are there?? One possible step is specialization as a specialist consultant.

As a specialist consultant, you are particularly qualified in a specific field and therefore have a knowledge advantage over other consultants. You will be able to analyze and evaluate complex issues and provide individual advice to your clients. This will not only increase your professional competence, but also your market position and income.

Lower saxony focuses on broadband expansion and support for microenterprises in rural areas

The digitized world requires a fast and stable Internet connection. Especially in rural areas this is often not yet sufficiently available. Lower Saxony has set out to change this and boost broadband expansion like never before. This is the first time that micro-enterprises are to be supported.

Thanks to support from the state and federal governments, up to 100 million euros are now to be invested in broadband expansion. In many rural areas there is still a need to catch up in terms of connection to the high-speed Internet. This is why Lower Saxony is focusing on the expansion of fiber optic connections. With this technology, a broadband and functioning Internet connection can be guaranteed.

Consequences of selling a vehicle when reversing a revoked consumer credit agreement

Revocation of consumer credit agreements has been an important protection mechanism for consumers for several years now. Here, the borrower can revoke the contract within a certain period of time and redeem the loan early. But what happens if during the revocation process the financed vehicle is sold?

Selling a financed vehicle can have serious consequences if the consumer credit agreement is revoked. Usually, the car is used as collateral for the loan, so the lender has the right to seize the vehicle if the borrower can no longer make the payments. However, when the car is sold, this lien is no longer available to the lender.

Guarantors in switzerland: what you should know about guarantees

In certain cases, a guarantee can help a person gain access to housing, education or credit. A guarantee is a commitment made by one party to assume financial responsibility for another party.

In Switzerland, there are different types of guarantees, including rental guarantees, scholarship guarantees and loan guarantees. A guarantee agreement is always executed in writing and requires the consent of both parties.

Employment law advice in wuppertal: everything to do with employment contracts, dismissals and redundancies

Employment law is a complex issue that affects employees and employers alike. There are numerous law firms in Wuppertal that specialize in labor law issues. This mainly involves issues such as employment contracts, protection against dismissal and redundancies.

Conflicts under employment law can quickly become a serious problem, especially when it comes to the termination of an employment relationship. A law firm for labor law can help here to protect the interests of those affected and to find an amicable solution.