Parting hurts: terminating an employee in china

Termination of an employee is an unpleasant issue in any country. But in China, terminating an employee can become a complex and delicate procedure. Chinese labor protection legislation is very different from European legislation, which means that companies face numerous challenges when terminating employees in China.

Chinese labor law stipulates, among other things, that an employee may only be dismissed with just cause. The burden of proof lies with the employer. If a legal dispute arises, the proceedings can often be lengthy and costly. In addition, companies must pay attention to cultural differences and apply appropriate termination criteria in order not to damage their image in China.

Maneuver in the arctic: moscow shows military strength

Maneuver in the arctic: moscow shows military strength

Tensions between Russia and other Arctic states have increased. Moscow recently organized major military maneuvers in the Arctic region to demonstrate its military strength. The maneuver, which was led by Russia’s defense minister, included air, sea and land operations.

Maneuver in the arctic: moscow shows military strength

The cold and harsh terrain of the Arctic make it one of the most challenging military environments in the world. Moscow uses the strategic importance of this region to demonstrate its military power and assert its claims to the territory.

Adding a pinsele effect to images in microsoft powerpoint

Images are an important component when creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. There are many creative ways to incorporate images into a presentation and manipulate them in different ways.

One of the most appealing ways to manipulate images in PowerPoint is to use brush effects. Brushes let you apply textures, patterns, and colors to images to make them more expressive.

The 60s: the films of harry alan towers – sanders and the ship of death

The 60s: the films of harry alan towers - sanders and the ship of death

The 60’s was a time of change and cultural revolution. The film industry was no exception and many producers and directors used this time to make new and unconventional films. One such producer was Harry Alan Towers, known for his adventurous and often controversial films.

One of his films from that time was “Sanders and the Ship of Death”. The film follows adventurer and secret agent Colonel Sanders as he searches for a stolen cruise ship. The film is a mixture of adventure, thriller and crime thriller and offers a unique perspective on the time in which it was made.

European central bank continues to buy bonds

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced it will continue its Quantitative Easing (QE) program by increasing its pace of bond purchases. The goal is to increase inflation in the eurozone and boost the economy. The ECB’s decision follows recent economic data from Europe indicating a slowdown in the economy.
The ECB plans to increase the pace of purchases to 80 billion euros per month, an increase of 20 billion euros. Currently, the central bank purchases 60 billion euros worth of bonds per month. The higher purchases are to be implemented until at least December 2017. The announcement has already had an impact on financial markets and the euro exchange rate.
The ECB is under renewed criticism as some believe the quantitative easing program is not a sustainable solution to the eurozone’s economic problems. Nevertheless, the ECB seems to believe that it is necessary to provide liquidity to the market in order to boost the eurozone economy. Let’s hope the targeted bond purchases will actually help spur economic growth.

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to increase the pace of its bond purchases

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to increase the pace of its bond purchases. This decision was made due to the continued low interest rates and weak economic situation in Europe.

Author of best-selling crime novels alleged to have killed husband based on her own book

Author of best-selling crime novels alleged to have killed husband based on her own book

The writer and author of a successful crime novel genre is said to have killed her own husband based on her own draft for a new book. The case has caused a stir in the literary world and has generated a media echo that has even reached the tabloid press.

The suspect, who has published several detective novels herself, has worked extensively on the details of murder cases in the past. In particular, for her latest book, she is said to have conducted research on toxic substances and their effects on the human organism.

An online lecture that tells the story of a little blue dream

There are moments in life when we wonder who we are and what our place is in the world. We are looking for answers and inspiration to make the most of our lives. And sometimes we find those answers in unexpected places, like in a little blue dream.

The online lecture “The little blue dream” Tells the story of a little blue bird who overcomes his dreams and fears to spread his wings and conquer the world. This talk will cover various topics such as self-discovery, self-love, courage and positive attitude.

The abusive dismissal in labor law – a legal analysis

The abusive dismissal in labor law - a legal analysis

Termination by the employer is a serious interference in the life of the employee. Dismissal can threaten the livelihood of the individual and often has serious consequences for the employee’s financial and social situation.

However, German labor law offers employees protection against abusive dismissal. There are certain rights and procedures to help employees defend themselves against wrongful terminations.