Welcome to ifb hamburg – universal support institute with broad acceptance

IFB Hamburg is an important funding institute in Germany with a broad acceptance in the business world. The institute offers a wide range of financing and consulting services for companies, self-employed and freelancers to strengthen their economic power.

Since its founding in 2005, IFB Hamburg has become an integral part of business development in Hamburg and has also made a name for itself beyond the city limits. The institute supports the economy in innovations, environmental protection and location development.

IFB Hamburg’s broad acceptance is due to its first-class performance and excellent reputation. The institute is a preferred partner for companies that expect a high level of professionalism and reliability.

At IFB Hamburg you are in good hands when it comes to financing and consulting services. Use our know-how and experience to strengthen your economic power!

IFB Hamburg – A versatile funding institution with broad acceptance

IFB Hamburg is one of the leading development institutions in Germany. It offers a wide range of business support programs, from start-up assistance to financing for major projects. Especially in Hamburg and the surrounding region, the institute is very well known and appreciated, but it also enjoys a high level of acceptance nationwide.

IFB Hamburg’s range of services includes investment financing, support for the development of innovations, and funding in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental protection. The institute’s range of services also includes support for start-ups and the awarding of grants for research and development projects.

  • Financing investments
  • Support for innovations
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Promotion of business start-ups
  • Awarding grants for research and development projects

The high level of acceptance of IFB Hamburg is also due to its competent consulting and support services. The employees of the institute stand by the customers with their expert knowledge and their experience of many years and support them with the conversion of their projects.

Welcome to ifb hamburg - universal support institute with broad acceptance

The universal promotion institute IFB Hamburg is thus a valuable support for enterprises and existence founders in Hamburg and completely Germany.

Welcome to ifb hamburg - universal support institute with broad acceptance

Projects supported by IFB Hamburg

IFB Hamburg is a universal funding institute that supports a wide range of projects. The focus is on the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as urban development.

For example, the institute offers support programs for start-ups, investments in companies and innovations, and environmental protection measures. In addition, IFB Hamburg supports projects in the field of infrastructure and urban development, such as the expansion of public transport or the redevelopment of city squares.

The institute also promotes projects in the cultural and creative industries, thus supporting the city’s cultural diversity. This includes, for example, financial assistance for film and media projects as well as for theater and dance events.

IFB Hamburg is committed to ensuring that companies and institutions in Hamburg can operate sustainably and successfully through its support services. The institute works closely with the various industries and institutions to find solutions that meet their needs and positively shape the economy and life in Hamburg.

Understanding the support provided by IFB Hamburg

IFB Hamburg is a universal promotional institution supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. IFB Hamburg’s goal is to support companies in the city in implementing investment projects and maintaining jobs.

This support can take the form of loans, grants or guarantees, depending on the individual needs of the company and the nature of the project. IFB Hamburg also offers advice and support in the areas of innovation, technology and the environment to promote the transformation to a sustainable and future-proof economy in Hamburg.

To benefit from IFB Hamburg’s support, companies must meet certain requirements and submit an application. This application is then reviewed and evaluated by the experts at IFB Hamburg. The decision on the type and amount of funding is based on a detailed analysis of the company’s economic situation and the potential impact of the project on the city of Hamburg.

Overall, IFB Hamburg has gained broad acceptance among companies in Hamburg and is an important institution for promoting business in the city. By effectively supporting investment projects and job security, IFB Hamburg helps strengthen the city’s competitiveness and prosperity.

The advantages of working with IFB Hamburg

IFB Hamburg is a universal funding institution with broad acceptance. Working with us offers numerous advantages for companies and start-ups. As a funding institution, we offer not only financial support, but also comprehensive advice and support in the implementation of projects.

A key benefit of working with IFB Hamburg is that we can cater to the individual needs of our customers. Whether it is a question of financing investments, realizing research and development projects or creating attractive jobs, we find the right solution together with our customers.

Another advantage is that IFB Hamburg has a wide network of partners. We work closely with other funding institutions, banks, business associations and industry networks, which makes it easier for our customers to access new markets and business partners.

Welcome to ifb hamburg - universal support institute with broad acceptance
  • IFB Hamburg offers a wide range of support programs for companies and start-ups, enabling them to tackle innovative projects and remain competitive.
  • In addition, IFB Hamburg is a reliable partner for companies that want to grow and expand. We are helping to open new markets, ensure secure financing for investments, as well as support the creation of new jobs.

Overall, cooperation with IFB Hamburg offers numerous advantages for companies and start-ups. We stand by our customers with comprehensive advice and financial support and help to implement projects successfully.

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